No limits Fitness Strongman Classic

Athletes can sign up on Iron Podium

September 30, 2023 

Have you been wanting to try a strongman competition but not quite sure where to start? This is perfect for you!  Welcome to the No Limits Fitness Strongman classic! This competition is tailored to novice strongman/strongwomen and first time competitors!  We are also pleased to announce that we are partnering with NC Survivors Network, which is an organization who's mission is to provide tangible opportunities for victims of human trafficking. ALL proceeds from the competition with be going to this organization!

Athletes and rules meeting will be at 9:00am, event start time is 9:30am

weigh ins will be the day before on Friday September 29th from 8AM-5PM, or pre contest start time at 9:00AM. 

Event #1: Overhead medley: Athletes will have 75 seconds to clean and press 3 implements (Circus Dumbbell, Axle and log in that order) and rep out the final implement for the remaining time. 1 clean and press on the CDB, 1 clean and press on the axle, and clean and press for the remaining time on the log. Most reps wins. Elbow sleeves, wrist wraps, belts and knee sleeves allowed. Tacky, Lifting straps and suits NOT allowed.

Event #2: Max Axle Deadlift: Athletes will have 60 to lift a max weight. It will be a rising bar with 3 attempts per Athlete. 20lbs jumps for women and 40lbs jumps for men. Weight will start at 185lbs for women and 285 for men. Straps, hitching, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves And wrist wraps allowed. Tacky and Suits NOT allowed. 

Event #3:  Mystery Event: This event will be posted 4 weeks out from Competition 

Event #4: Yoke into Farmers run for time: Athletes will have 60 seconds to go 50 feet carrying a Yoke, then pick up the farmers handles and go back 50 feet. Back of the yoke must cross the line! only front of farmers need to cross the line. Fastest time wins. Knee sleeves, Belts allowed. Suits and wraps NOT allowed. There will be a 2 second sliding penalty for anyone who doesn’t carry the yoke across the line, but drags it instead. 

Event #5: Sandbag carry for distance: Athletes will have 60 seconds to carry a sandbag around cones set 50 feet apart for as far as possible. Farthest distance wins. Knee sleeves, Belts, elbow sleeves allowed. NOT allowed, Tacky, wraps, suits 


Registration closes September 16